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NEW!!!! July 1st

Pupessori Enrichment Daycare

What is Pupessori?


Pupessori is private school for dogs that includes individualized learning and play plans to build a well-rounded dog by engaging them in mental, emotional, and physical stimulation.


Why Should I Enroll My Dog In Pupessori?


Dogs have more than just physical needs to be met. They need a variety of activities to stimulate their entire being to be a well-rounded dog. After school, you will have a dog that is fulfilled emotionally, mentally, and physically. The activities will build confidence, encourage correct play and socialization, and challenge them mentally.

Traditional, all day play, daycare ensures that the dog is physically tired but does not focus on the other aspects. A dog that is not stimulated mentally may have tendencies to exhibit behavioral problems including destructive behavior. They need an outlet to be able to exhaust their brain. A dog that has not been emotionally stimulated will have tendencies to be less confident which can present as a fear aggression.

To Daycare and Beyond!

Our Day Includes:


•Small groups = better quality of play

•Sructured activities that go along with monthly themes

•Lower staff to dog ratio

•Breakfast and Lunch times

•Structured nap time




Examples of Centers:


•Klimb and Fit Paws

•Arts and Crafts


•Play Yard

•Puzzle Balls and Toys

•Agility and obstacle course

•Nose Work (scent)



•And More!!!!



•Open enrollment year round

•Schedule a time with the trainer for an evaluation and placement based on an individualized learning and play plan

•Choose your package! Monthly, Weekly, or Daily!

•Schedule what days your dog will be coming!

•Enjoy the wonderful world of Pupessori!



Package 1

UNLIMITED Monthly Access



Package 2

12 days per month


*All packages expire in 1 month*