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1019 N. Wilson Rd

Radcliff, KY 40160


1) What vaccines are required?

Rabies(1 or 3 yrs), Distemper(1 or 3 yrs), and Bordetella(every six months)


2)What should I bring with my dog to daycare?

You do not have to bring anything special for daycare. We provide snacks and plenty of fresh, cold water throughout the day.


3)What should I bring with my dog for boarding?

The only items that your pet will need from home are food and medication(if needed).

We have bowls and blankets available so those are not required.

***Special note*** If you are worried about your dog chewing their beds in your absence, please refrain from bringing it for boarding.


4)Will someone be with my dog 24/7?

No, unfortunatley we do not have overnight staff. We arrive at the facility at 6AM and leave around 7PM. There is an attendant that comes back to the facility on the weekend nights at 10PM to run the dogs once more.


5) What happens in case of an emergency?

If there is an emergency pertaining to your dog, we will attempt to contact you right away. If you are unable to be contacted, we will call your emergency contact listed on your paperwork. If you dog is in need of immediate medical attention we will make an executive decision to seek care immediatley.


6) Do the dogs eat and sleep in their own separate kennels?

Absolutley! The only dogs that eat and sleep together are siblings(dogs from the same home) and this is ONLY if the owners say it is okay. Safety is our number one priority.


7) Is there an outside area for playtime?

Yes, we have a large backyard where the pups can enjoy the play equipment and interaction.


8) What happens if my dog does not get along with the other dogs or does not like other dogs at all?

If your dog does not do well in the group, we will separate him/her and they will only go outside with their human friends. We will not keep your dog locked in a kennel all day as we believe that every dog should be able to have time to play during the day. We will take the time throughout the day to play with and love your dog one on one.


9) Is a deposit required for boarding?

Deposits will be required when booking boarding for holidays and extended stays(over 14 days). The deposit amount will be 25% of the total cost, including tax, will be credited to your customer account and the remaining cost will be paid when you pick up your pet. This is non-refundable unless you cancel your reservation at least 1 week prior to the drop off date. This will allow us to fill the spot.