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By playfulpaws92905517, Mar 25 2020 02:22PM

Dogs are creatures of habit and thrive on routine. It is important for us, as pet owners, to understand that, especially during this difficult time, our dogs are also being affected. A sudden change can cause several undesirable behaviors from your dog. Changes in routine can cause issues with accidents in the house, diarrhea, not wanting to eat, keeping us up all night, and lack of physical exercise and mental stimulation. These changes also have an affect on the dog’s emotional state of mind. Stress often will manifest itself into behavior problems. Dealing with life is hard right now especially if our dogs are having accidents and starting to eat the family’s sofa. Getting your dog back on routine or trying to keep it as close to normal for your dog is important for their overall health and well being.

High energy dogs often suffer from lack of exercise. These dogs need to be worked both mentally and physically everyday. One walk per day isn’t adequate for many dogs. Most breeds were specifically designed for a working purpose. Some breeds like the Border Collies, were bred to herd live stock. Other breeds, like Jack Russels, were designed to kill underground vermin. There are even breeds, such as the Lagotto Romagnolo, that were bred to find wild truffles! Breeds like the Shih Tzu were bred to keep the Royal Family’s feet warm. Know your breed and work them accordingly. Since most of us do not have live stock to work or truffles to find we need to come up with new ways of working our dogs to keep them happy, healthy, and away from eating the couch. A high energy working dog that is bored is the most dangerous thing for your furniture and shoes. Enrichment is the best way to help these types of dogs and to keep them out of trouble.

Every dog can benefit from socialization and exercise. Playful Paws can provide these services for your pet! We can help ease your mind during this time and help your dog get their energy out. This is a win-win scenario! We will always be available to be your pet’s home away from home!

By playfulpaws92905517, Dec 7 2018 04:21PM

This will be the new home to our blog! Be sure to check back for updates, articles, and information!

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